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WiFi during Coronavirus Lockdown

If you've got a home broadband service, you probably already have WiFi access around your home, but there may be things slowing your WiFi down, we look at the most common causes for a slow internet connection. If you've not got home broadband, there are a few things you can try to get online at home during the lockdown.

Using Skype during Covid-19 (coronavirus) lockdown

Using Skype to keep in touch with relatives and other loved ones while being socially isolated is going to require some planning. It's great to be able to use the phone and text messages to keep in contact, but it's a lot more reassuring and rewarding to be able to see your family and friends, and Skype is the way to do it.

Share your WiFi during the Coronavirus lockdown

As libraries and community hubs have been closed as part of the government's attempts to manage the Covid-19 virus pandemic, some users who relied on their free internet access may have found themselves cut off from the internet.

Coronavirus Scams

It's inevitable that unscrupulous people are already taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to scam people, and several scams have already been seen, so please take care and remember that not everyone is out to help you!

Video Messaging

It's an unprecedented time, with people all around the world becoming isolated in their homes, we look at some of the best video communication platforms to make your isolation or social distancing a little less solitary.

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